Internet advertising

On the Internet there are many advertising opportunities that will allow us to reach potential customers. It is mainly dominated by Google with its search engine and related services, but we do not have to limit ourselves only to this.

Paid Google advertising

Using Google's services, we have the ability to place text ads, product ads, and banners.
Text ads are those that appear above or below the search results in Google.

Product ads are ads that showcase a product on Google and redirect you specifically to that product when clicked.

Banner ads are displayed on other websites e.g. related to the advertiser's field. Do you have an online store with car parts? It's worth reaching out to people browsing an automotive blog.

Ads can be paid for in three models:

    • CPC (Cost Per Click) - advertiser pays for each click on his ad
    • CPM (Cost Per Mile) - paid for every 1000 impressions
    • CPA (Cost Per Action) - it is paid to perform a specific action by the user, e.g. registration on the website, buying a product.

Social media ads

For example, sponsored posts on Facebook, photos posted on Instagram Stories etc. Social media are a huge database of users, which allows you to perfectly determine the target audience by gender, age, interests or place of residence.

Sponsored articles

Posting them is also a popular method of advertising on the Internet. Placing a post containing a link directing to the advertiser's site on a popular website can greatly improve our SEO.


What kind of advertising is worth investing in? This question is hard to answer, as it all depends on the type of business you run. However, the most universal method is Google.

Regardless of the type of business you have, we can help you choose the type of advertising and we will carry out advertising campaigns for you.